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Smiling Rocks

13.4 miles from the Buckhorn Tavern is The New Mexico Bureau of Geology Mineral Museum and the rocks smile at you.

The museum is located in the Headen Center on the NMT campus (see map).

I was not sure what Morgen (or I) was going to think about looking at rocks, however, they do a great job splashing a few kid friendly rocks in to keep her interest.

The mineral museum can trace its origins back to the very beginnings of the New Mexico School of Mines in 1889, now known as New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology The collection was assembled to help in the education of engineers and geologists.

Of Course, the icing on the cake for us was the ultraviolet collection. Morgen did not like the very short walk in the dark, however, the glowing rocks at the end made it all worth it.


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