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Warrior Wednesday is designed to promote fundraising for Socorro County 501c charitable organizations, non-profit schools, and community groups. The organization will receive 10% of the sales (excluding alcohol sales) during their predetermined Wednesday.  Warrior Wednesday is available every Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The event can be very rewarding for your organization, not only do you raise dollars but you can help raise the awareness of your organization and its needs.  


Warrior Wednesday is easy to plan, however, it does take a commitment from you to ensure its success. How to have a successful event:


Print the custom flyer. Email it to your distribution list, including parents, teachers, staff, and members of your organization. Post it on your social media accounts. Make copies and post on community boards. Distribute at meetings/events, hand out to members, or send home with students a day or two ahead of the fundraiser. Send out press releases and public service announcements to local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations.

Involving the local community with hands-on participation from leadership and VIPs in your organization will make your event fun & memorable. Have volunteers available during the event to welcome customers and distribute information about your organization. You are welcome to add some excitement to your Warrior Wednesday with handouts, door prizes, decorations, that you provide.

Please email us at to find out more.

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