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Elephant Butte Lake State Park

60.5 miles south of the Buckhorn is Elephant Butte Lake State Park. If you have followed along you know by now I love road stops. I always feels it add an extra check box to the trip.

I fully understand the park is not a "road stop" by normal standards it is a camping, fishing, hiking stay the day/night but why not stop for a moment?

Mom lives in Las Cruces and work ends at 5PM on Friday. Usually the plan is to be packed so when work gets out we are on the road to stay the weekend with grandma.

The downside to this plan is we are ready for dinner on the road. At first, I would grab something quick to keep us on the road. It is a short drive with grandma at the end of it. However, the miles on the road are part of the memories. Sometimes the best ones. Morgen and I have stopped at this park many times for dinner on the lake.

Most of the time I pack dinner so the $5 entry fee does not feel so bad for the short visit. This time it was Lunchables for the easy win.

The park has everything you might need check it out here:


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