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World's Largest Pistachio and Wumps

When driving on HWY 54 towards Alamogordo you drive up to the best roadside stop (other than the Buckhorn). The world's largest pistachio! How do you not stop?

Perfect spot to move around and play a round of tag.

The reason for the road trip was meeting up for our niece's birthday. Many road trips are the outcome of meeting somewhere in the middle with family or friends. We love hearing stories at the Buckhorn of who is waiting for who.

The spot today: Alameda Park Zoo. Their mission is to promote education in the environmental fields of study, conservation, recreation, and biological research, the zoo connects you with animals through audio, visual and tactical experiences.

The best part they have Wumps!! Ok its really a capybara.

Not sure what I am talking about....The Wump World (1970) is a children's book by Bill Peet that takes place on an imaginary planet. It is about the near destruction of the only habitat of creatures known as Wumps.

Lunch at Hi-D-Ho Drive In for a Tiger Burger! We said our goodbyes and hit the road for Heart of the Desert pistachio ice cream for the way home.



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