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Water Canyon Campground

30.7 miles away from the Buckhorn Tavern is Water Canyon Campground.

This campground is located at an elevation of 6,800 feet in the Cibola National Forest. The campgrounds offer hiking, jeeping, bird watching, picnicking, and camping at the foot of the Magdalena Mountains. During Christmas, you can purchase a permit to get your own Christmas tree here!

Morgen's grandparents were in town so we thought we would show them one of our favorite spots.

The base campgrounds have vault bathrooms they were very nice to have, but there is no running water bring something to wash your hands. The campgrounds are situated along a curving dirt road going up the mountain. Some have more coverage than others, but generally, the level of privacy is low but we did not mind during our picnic car drove by waving as they started up the trail.

You cannot beat the Free price tag on this great picnic spot


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