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Ski Santa Fe and Meow Wolf

We decided to run up to Santa Fe for a weekend get away for Ernie's Birthday. We live so close to skiing why not. We got on the road after work Friday and drove the 139 miles to Santa Fe so we could wake up ready to go Saturday. (Thank you to our awesome crew, Denise and Brianne for covering the Buckhorn) Neither of us had skied since we started dating....So, we expected the day to be an experience. I decide to use my Christmas gifts (Do not underestimate how great money is as a gift) and booked us ski lessons. The price was not that much different for a private lesson to group lessons for Morgen and I.

I booked our rentals, lift tickets, and lessons online. (It still took us well over an hour to get skis and be ready.) Thank goodness Ernie likes to have extra time, if I was in charge we would have missed our ski lesson like many people in line did!

Morgen was not having it after two runs down the training hill. It was crowed and took a while to get to the magic carpet. Definitely not the fantasy I had built up in my head of what the day would look like. We pushed her to stay for our whole lesson time, mistake, you can see in the photo below she did not care to be there anymore. In hindsight, I should not have bought lift tickets for Morgen and I we never used them.

After hot chocolate, french fries, and lots of ketchup Morgen stated she does want to go again but not today, win. We did a short hike down Aspen Vista Picnic Ground trail in Santa Fe National Forest to try to make snow angels. I will be packing a picnic next time for Hyde Memorial State Park, just gorgeous.

Morgen crashed on the beautiful drive back into Santa Fe on 475. We grabbed Thai on Canyon to go, a bottle of Basil Hayden 's and called it a day.

The next Morning we grabbed breakfast at Dolina Bakery and Cafe and hit the road for Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return. I was lucky to be able to go back in 2016 when I was in Santa Fe for work. The best advise I was given when I start development work was from Mrs. Wise, she told me to take a minute to enjoy where the job took you, it will always give you something to talk about. She was right.

Morgen was in heaven and even made up a song about Meow Wolf on the way home. She loved that the house had their own Morgen and found her name in different places, even if it was spelled wrong ;).

Hint to parents: this place is huge and your kid will run! Eyes open!

We did a quick stop at Trader Joes for Dorot's frozen garlic, yes you read that correct, it is amazing to have around. May or may not have grabbed a case of Two Buck Chuck.

Happy Road Tripping!

Links for our trip: Hint: As a New Mexico resident your ticket price is cheaper.


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