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San Lorenzo Canyon

36 miles north of the Buckhorn Tavern is San Lorenzo Canyon. I have been wanting to take the drive for a while. With a dusting of snow, we knew we needed to make the trip.

For us desert rats snow is magical.

San Lorenzo Canyon is a primitive recreation area. This scenic east-west canyon offers hiking and camping. The Canyon offers outstanding opportunities for photographers. Millions of years of Earth’s history unfold in San Lorenzo Canyon, a picturesque area of sandstone cliffs, arches, and hoodoos. The cottonwoods indicate there may have been a reliable water source at one time in the area. The area has remnants of old ranches and homesteads; springs and tiny creeks are hidden in the canyon bottoms and washes.

How to get there....DIRECTIONS:

The site is northwest of Socorro and about 5 miles northwest of Lemitar, NM. Take the western frontage road north from Lemitar (along I-25) and drive about 5 miles. At that point, just follow the dirt road west. You will drive up to the canyon.

The road is not easy, take care if you are not a dirt road cruiser. High clearance / 4-wheel drive vehicles are definitely recommended. There are no restrooms or drinking water so plan ahead.


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