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Aggies Win a Bowl Game

After watching the Aggies win a chance at a bowl game, Ernie and I looked at each other and said..we are going, right? My mother-in-law agreed to go with us and watch almost two-month-old Morgen to let us enjoy the game.

Our friend had her mortgage with the game sponsor so was able to grab VIP tailgate tickets (Thanks, Stephanie!). The game had started but we were finally getting ourselves settled, a couple walked up to our table and asked if they could sit with us. Of course, we said yes. In typical fashion, I started talking. When we started to leave they asked us what our seats were...we said nose bleed. The wife gave a knowing look to her husband and handed us tickets. THEY WE CLUB SEATS!!!

The Arizona Bowl is usually a small game with little attention. Defiantly not the type of game where fans storm the field, but yes we did!

Larry Rose III scored on a 21-yard run in overtime and New Mexico State won in its first bowl game in 57 years, beating Utah State 26-20 in the Arizona Bowl.


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